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“Oh!My phone buzzed in my pocket.Jerry pulled away from her mouth just long enough to say, "Whoa there, Little Lady!When Greg returned with a fresh drink for me, I shook my head, “That’s just the opposite of the opinion I had of her.”Pleasure shot down my shaft.I don't know..In this part of the ship I always had my Six girls and the two queens with me. I was never a loan.She laid on her back next to me and said, “Most married couples start laying side-by-side like we are.“I need to do something!It was not unpleasant."I just saw the lights on and thought I'd check on things," she started.It was just a tiny piece of the old Alexa I kept for myself, maybe for nostalgia.Luckily, I had been skipping bio chem every time to hookup with Monet so I never got swarmed by those girls.She glanced back over her shoulderMary jerked awake and sat up.She tugged on her pink, upswept nipples.I nodded my head, my mouth tasting of ash.This knowledge almost made me come on the spot.“Weren’t

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