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Because the answer was yes, seeing Michael with Hayley was hot.I dunno.”The thought of it was depressing.Maybe I should take some 'photos' of my own for the girls.Once the shock of seeing a female nude for the first time in my life waned, I lowered the blanket and turned to leave, there was no way in hell I was going to lay down with her in that condition.Her knees were buckling, and she was out of breath.Slowly she withdrew her head, keeping loving eye contact, finally popping my member out of her mouth.I felt the shorts being pulled slightly down and the cool wind hitting my naked cock.While I was having sex with daddy with my mouth, mom pulled my pants down all the way then started to kiss him like crazy."What it is"“Oh my gawd; they saw me totally lose it?”I’m pretty sure that we 4 girls all got fucked; I know that I did, Ryan fucked me hard as I floated on my back.I've never cum like that before.“He looked a lot like me, actually”She gathered some leaves, what they wer