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“I can stay in a little longer.”It felt like she was stretched in ways that was not healthy.“I have too Mom.” I replied, never letting my hands leave her tits, as if it was some dream that would end if I let go."Wow."Gasping – its pronounced curve loaned another new sensation as it stimulated my inner parts whence none had gone before – I proceeded to ride him.She hadn't let a guy go down on her, not since that asshole of an ex who had made her feel shit about just about every part of her body.His breath evaporated from his body and his tension relaxed."Never mind, I'll deal with it," I said as I cleared my throat with a quick cough.I took a deep breath.His muscles clenched around his dick.“Ready for what?”My created lover ran her fingers through my pubic hair.Let it all out," Trish said, and then added, "I'm feeling so horny right now.--- Very well, we have an agreement.She got off a bunch of times, I got off twice.“So you’ve already decided?” She moaned making m

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