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If I had any idea you were a carpet muncher, I would have been enjoying you for years.”She then got up on her chair and took a long drink from the glass and just stared at me.Now she was completely covered; her face was still wet with his cum from when he came down her throat, her ass, pussy, and legs from when he shot his load inside her womanhood, and now her tits and chest.A decently sized entry that leads down to the large central room that rocked a pretty killer looking king sized bed.I was expecting to sit on the sofa to kiss and cuddle before his friend arrived but Jeremy wanted me to stand outside the door in the corridor to welcome his friend adding that Simon was his best friend so l was to treat him as my master.I stopped in my tracks and pivoted on my toes.I have the resources to achieve it.He called each of us out in turn and had us parade up and down in front of the people.Unwilling to disturb their bliss, he left the room and house and walked across to his classmate Pr

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