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She stroked my arm, feeling my biceps in an almost flirtatious way.This time I sounded like the strong independent girl my mother had described.Thranduil roared "You were not there that day, you who have loved the dwarves as if they were your own, you were absent from the field of battle as well."I stop licking and spread her pussy again.My body was on overload under the control of these two men.Katie proclaimed “I heard about your knee, how are you feeling?” I pushed my crutches to one side, and I remember specifically saying “Its all good, I’ve still got one good knee.” Katie laughed.I, however, am bound to more than just the limitations of Septina’s grip strength, and Lucilla enjoys getting me in trouble.The weird thing was that no one was taking any notice of me.Thanks to the gravitons feeding me from the NSA's screwed-up experiment, Project KRONOS, I had unlimited sexual stamina."But mommy said...."I could see it even in the dark.I clinched my ass cheeks but it pushe

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