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Gran would be so ashamed.I expected my parents around one and they showed up right on time with Nick and his wife, Victoria.She shrieked at first.There were so many people attending they had to arrange a shuttle service from a nearby shopping mall parking lot where everyone parked their cars.“Actually Mrs. Natalie the real reason.” before he could say it Nathan intervened.We followed suit, and I fucked both until I was almost late getting home.My head shook from side to side.We were in the family room by now and Nick reached outTheir eyes were swimming, their mouths open, their whimpers heard by everyone.“Luke D’Angelo!If not, go to 15.She was probably mad, disgusted and ashamed of me. I stood like that for what seemed like an hour, just pondering the repercussions of what I’d done, until finally a thought washed over me..Was it me? Why did so many people think it was OK to touch me? I sat trying to figure out my first sexual experience!A dares a dare, ain’t it?”Feeling e

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