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The feeling was incredible.To their sons."What happened?Ask apologize sincerely.“Look at you, you’re helpless right now.”I felt her vaginal walls spasm and tighten.I bit my lip and moaned, arching my back from the wall, struggling to keep my motions sensual and commanding.When I’d finished I went and got the tube top for Freya to wear as a skirt.Unbeknownst even to herself, however, her gut had begun to guide her interactions with the young girl down a more intimate, but perhaps unscrupulous, path.The fan blowing on her made her nipples gigantic.“You did.”Logan does a double take because he can’t believe what he’s just heard from his customarily conservative Dad.“Scary?Even if she kept the door open.To lick and lap and caress her with my hungry tongue while she watched her dumb teen dystopian movies.And you, my friend, have definitely got a brain load of shit to navigate.“Yessir…but…you won’t have to worry about me faking with you!Nobody answered and she moane