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Ryan slowly released me as I stopped shaking then turned the vibe back down to low.However, when the time came for Susan, she only had one matter of importance for her.I can guarantee you that much, John.You want to be that pervert's slut?“I’m done, someone else can deal with this.“You are a virgin, yes?My orgasm at this time was IMMINENT!Through the evening I danced with almost all of the girls that were at our table even the ones that their husbands were there.His arms came around her, he lifted her backwards, with his hands on her breasts he pumped her hard and fast, her legs began to tremble, Ryan continued to hold her, his cock was deep within her, he held her fast.My mind was in a quandary, I couldn’t believe that she would want Ralph to fuck her."Yeah, it sure does.And I was enjoying a masterful blow job.Unable to resist that smile, I leaned in and gave her a soft kiss on the lips.It was time for me to pop open the snaps and touch her naked skin.They usually travel the q