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Much better than the gym!There were those watching and hoping to have Madelyn next.I didn’t think my cock would fit in anything tighter than her pussy but with every pump I'm sliding deeper and deeper inside her.“Yes sir.” Frankie answered and left the room.It matched the fiery arousal that bubbled inside her cunt.Wearing sunglasses we’ve watched quite a few men stare at us as we lay on our backs and sunbathe in our short skirts and ‘accidentally’ let our legs drift apart.My boys look at each other and smile when they realize there are 3 men and 3 women.She reached my shaved pussy.“Won’t he ask questions?”It was one of those soft tapes by WhitneyCan’t say what he wants.My daughter with Melody and my daughter with Pam would be born within days of each other.That evening we went for a walk to get the lay of the land.Tonya begins giggling when she couldn't believe she was about to ask him this question but she wanted to learn something personal about him.There was no m

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