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Do NOT exaggerate, only tell them what you know to be fact.It charged into the wide opening with such brutal force all the crap inside went into the female's stomach and made her fall on the ground, belching on the sleazy floor.I don’t often use these old torture methods as there’s some danger of harm – a slave’s heart can stop from the shock – but you’ve made this year’s Rape Run especially entertaining, so you deserve some special treatment.“With her daughter,” I added, giving my princess a roguish wink.Frank spoke to Kim Li.“What are you doing?” I asked, my dick throbbing.The sounds of her slurping and gurgling filled the basement.At the same time, she pulled me all the way inside her, until my pubes were mashed against the bare skin of her cushiony mound.To be continued?She just smiled at me as she placed my cock at her hole and began to sink down on it.I swore an oath to her Goddess.Almost enthralled at the stark appearance of Michael's naked cock, Katie cont

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