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“You’re not— since when?”"You can do one for me later.Her voice shaked.Rick’s eyes wondered over to where my hand was.Her mind was starting to come back.Remember that picture she showed me in the tent, where she and her mom were licking her dad’s dick?She exclaimed in an authoritative voice.Your fingers grasp the hem of her panties and pull them down off her hips, and then slid off legs and feet.With that I did as I was told, I put my hands on her hips and started licking and poking at her swollen ass hole, a mixed taste of sweat, lube and rubber mixed around in my mouth.I'm so sorry, Daddy!Jack pushed more in, and was about 6 inches in when he felt Katy start to shudder.“Bitch, I am about to jump through this phone and beat your stripper ass.She attacked my tongue, licking inside my mouth.“How long were you two watching?”This is a semi-fictional story based on an encounter I once had.I very award of risk we taking Nena.Now, it was time to take that big, last big ste

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