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My free hand reaches up and I pinch and twist my nipples hard making myself yelp and whimper.‘Roman, the Master of the House, has already made his way to bed, so please be quiet."That's deliberate and not your fault."Bell kisses my stomach while still slowing pumping her hand in me. I’m still cumming.He saw her buttocks ensconced in her tight jeans.He had decided this was the perfect time to hatch his plan.So... you think we should give them more time?”And that was what drove me back into Corruption’s arms; the sight of Astrid; tattooed, disgraced, stripped of everything she once held dear, and still trying to save me. Oh god, what have I done to you?He only knew that it felt right to do this.‘Touch it, go on touch it.’ a little voice in his head said.He asked her to submit the report on Friday morning, three days away.Seemed like it fit in this situation.She wondered if it mattered with all the cum already inside of her.She finally broke the kiss after about five minutes.�