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My fingers fumbled across the number pad, finally finding and stabbing awkwardly once, and then again, at the blinking red button.It was a good job that there were no kids there.I'm probably the chosen one or some tripe.“God, it’s just too easy to push your buttons,” she grins at me playfully before planting another kiss on my lips.“See you tomorrow baby.”Prema was also surprised, he was fucking her with more than normal vigour and force.Gone is unarguably far away.I took his cock into my mouth.I wrapped my arms around her waist and pushed my fists hard into her belly and shoved my hips deeper into her.I screamed as I felt a needle jab into my ass cheek, and then the burning sensation of the injection.“You can cease the act,” Chin-sun said in a monotone voice.Tiredly I dismounted.Just a moment ago, I thought that maybe my wife wanted to leave me. How could I be so lacking in self-esteem I wondered.I thought incredulously.She looked up and saw more than a couple of girls s

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Go find your own ride home.”“It’s finally nice to meet you as well Nicole, you can just call me Abby,” my mom says.“Come get your revenge!” Avery teased.He grabbed my hand, pulling me off the floor, and guided me towards the bathroom.He tried thinking but was too occupied by Bridget's movements, unsure of what she might do next.I can’t get no rest with it going on.SOOOO…..“Ah, I know,” Deana said.Donna shrugged her shoulders and headed off to the bathroom.I got into the water very quietly I guess, then I noticed there was a couple in there having sex.”At lunchtime I hurried to the pharmacy and got the contraceptive pills and a supply of morning after pills, the pharmacist telling me that I should seriously consider using condoms.He turned his head, just raising his eyebrow.Over a long minute he just let his eyes roam all over my body.I contemplated my options."I'm so happy for you" he said and sounded sincere.And yet… and yet… her dreams came at her.“Okay, b

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