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I’ve given him insights on my experiences and feelings about the things I’ve done and I’ve learnt a lot from the perspective of someone who isn’t sexually attracted to women (which still seems bizarre to me tbh, how can you not love that sweet poontang?“Stay still and keep holding yourself open for me little girl” I heard him purr, “The Sir has another recommendation”.“Kayla, I order you to act as yourself but do as I say,” he said.I nodded back.She seemed to be waiting – against her will, it seemed to Bird - for him to say something else."I'll be fine once I'm with you.At the same time, her ankles where tied to the bottom of the table legs.She could feel Mark Moller's eyes on her from the rear.If all of the women had came, teased me then left laughing I'd have been upset but I'd now slept with 3 of the hottest women I'd ever seen and had cum in each of them.I asked him if he would let me do it again sometimes.My attention followed her hands downwards to her stret

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